Team CodeTeam NameDivisionTierCoachHome FieldAff.
973110U - Tier 1 - Stouffville Yankees[Rep] 10UTier 2Chris MulchinockYSBA
973210U - Tier 2 - Stouffville Yankees[Rep] 10UTier 1Adam JohnstonYSBA
946511U - Tier 1 - Stouffville Yankees[Rep] 11UTier 2Brandyn BurnettYSBA
1011411U - Tier 2 - Stouffville Yankees[Rep] 11UTier 3YSBA
912212U - Tier 1 - Stouffville Yankees[Rep] 12UTier 1Shane PeggYSBA
911612U - Tier 2 - Stouffville Yankees[Rep] 12UTier 2Fedele ColluraYSBA
872813U - Tier 1 - Stouffville Yankees[Rep] 13UTier 1Paul KoertYSBA
920513U - Tier 2 - Stouffville Yankees[Rep] 13UTier 3JP KongasYSBA
895914U - Tier 1 - Stouffville Yankees[Rep] 14UTier 3Marc LuffYSBA
834115U Ajax Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1Devinder DuttEOBA
827615U East York Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1James Plewe-HaleyTBATONY
789915U Leaside Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1Wellington DuranTBATONY
790215U Markham Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1Nick VavoulasMilliken Mills #3YSBA
1011215U NCOBA Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1NCOBA
997215U NCOBA Elite 2[Rep] 15UTier 1NCOBA
791515U Newmarket Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1RON MACLEANYSBA
814515U North Toronto Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1Roman KulaTBATONY
799815U North York Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1Kevin KingsleyTBATONY
828915U Northumberland Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1Jason CraigEOBA
817715U Peterborough Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1Ryan HagermanEOBA
966115U Pickering Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1Alan ButlerEOBA
879815U Scarborough Elite 2007[Rep] 15UTier 1Dana PowellTBATONY
865515U Vaughan Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1MARK COTGRAVEConcorde#2YSBA
973415U West Toronto Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1Jack BrownTBATONY
800915U Whitby Elite[Rep] 15UTier 1Clare OsborneEOBA
789816U Leaside Elite[Rep] 16UTier 1Casey WalshTBATONY
775416U Newmarket Elite[Rep] 16UTier 1JAMIE COMPERYSBA
767917U Leaside Elite[Rep] 18UTier 1Lee MosbaughTBATONY
917617U West Toronto Elite[Rep] 18UTier 1Mike BaxterTBATONY
739718U East York Elite[Rep] 18UTier 1Ben AndersonTBATONY
769818U Leaside Elite[Rep] 18UTier 1Frank SalernoTBATONY
744218U Newmarket Elite[Rep] 18UTier 1JAMIE CHERUTTIYSBA
767318U North Toronto Elite[Rep] 18UTier 1Dean CohenTBATONY
717918U Vaughan Elite[Rep] 18UTier 1David QuattrociocchiVG1YSBA
917818U West Toronto Elite[Rep] 18UTier 1Terry SnatinskyTBATONY
102458U - Tier 1 - Stouffville Yankees[Rep] 8UTier 2YSBA
101908U - Tier 2 - Stouffville Yankees[Rep] 8UTier 3YSBA
99839U - Tier 1 - Stouffville Yankees[Rep] 9UTier 2Aaron SchellYSBA
7010Ajax Elite 18U[Rep] 18UTier 1Sanjeev ThakoreEOBA
9710Aurora King Jays 10U A[Rep] 10UTier 3Jonathan PageYSBA
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